Wedding Day Information
Wedding Pictures
I recommend 30 minutes for bridal party and family portraits, a little more if you have a larger party/family. With your answers below, i will develop a comprehensive list for formal family portraits. Once a specific time and location have been set for bridal party and family portraits, feel free to tell your party/family where to meet immediately after the ceremony.
Wedding Details
Wedding Vendors
Before the week of your wedding, please mail me your entire invitation suite (save the date, invite, reception, RSVP, accomodations, addressed envelopes) in a larger manila envelope. This will allow me to bring your suite to the wedding, photograph it and return it to you for safe keeping. Please chat with your florist to bring a few extra pieces of your bouquet, so I can add them to your styled invitation suite images.
If possible, I would like to photograph your reception before any guests enter the room. Please discuss the opportunity for me to cover the reception hall 30 minutes before your ceremony.
Dinner for your photographer(s) is often overlooked. Depending on your style of dinner, it is best to ask your catering team to have 1/2 plates ready at the beginning of your dinner service for the photographers, with a place to sit in the kitchen or away from your guests. While you all eat, we like to eat as well. No one wants pictures of them eating anyway! :)
I only need an hour or two of reception photos. After the first dance and cake cutting, its straight dancing from there. I will do my best to capture the fun scenes of the night, but I also may take other detailed shots as well. If you would like any additional group photos or couple photos, please don't hesitate to grab me!
Thank you for completing this survey!