Hi! My name is Mallory and I am the momma to my sweet Miles, and wife to the hunk of all hunks, Virgil. We've got a pretty rockin life, and we still pinch ourselves asking if we're in a dream.

Photo: Emily Sacco Photography

Photo: Emily Sacco Photography

Through June/July of 2017, I've been dealing with a lot of internal struggles. 

Time and time again, I have found myself consumed in the who's-who on Instagram, who has this many followers, who sees my personal or business posts, and why am I not ever good enough for more. /// Time and time again, I have found myself seeking social media for guidance and entertainment, rather than seeking the true and precious words of The Lord. /// This time, I am throwing my hands down, I am saying no more to consuming thoughts that the enemy is creating. /// This time I am turning to the gifts we are blessed with everyday: to the blessings we rarely ever stop to think about and thank Him, or those who made our blessings.

"Take a break from all the plans that you have made, and sit home alone and wait for God to whisper. Beg him please to open His mouth and speak and pray for real upon your knees until they blister." -Jimmy Needham (Clear the Stage)

The Thankful project was made for that purpose- to thank those who have helped me; and to help others along their way, hoping they give thanks as well. It's not about followers, who sees my posts, or how many likes I accomplish. It's about rejoicing in the little things in life, and reminding myself, who is consumed in anxiety, fear, insecurities and loneliness, to enjoy the details The Lord so perfectly makes. I want to thank those who helped me through life, college, marriage and especially motherhood. I look forward to the thanks I can give to many different places, people and moments from now on. I look forward to those who follow along, and give their own thanks along the way.