The Kleypas Sisters | Houston Portaits

While in Houston in July, I was approached by a past client, for MORE photos! Hearing from sweet Maddie made my heart scream with joy, becuase I vividly remember her amazing senior photos, last year! Maddie had a grand plan of sneaking her and her sister to Houston, to take surprise images for their mother's birthday, a few weeks away. 

Well, let me say... these images were nothing short of AMAZING. These girls are absolutely stunning, and the camera LOVES them. I am so thrilled to share these images today with you all... beware... gazing into their beauty may make your jaw drop about 5 inches!!!

Kleypas 1
Kleypas 2
Kleypas 3
Kleypas 4
Kleypas 5
Kleypas 7
Kleypas 6
Kleypas 8
Kleypas 9
Kleypas 10
Kleypas 11
Kleypas 14
Kleypas 12
Kleypas 13
Kleypas 15
Kleypas 16
Kleypas 17
Kleypas 19
Kleypas 18