Barbellator Fitness | Houston Blogger Portraits

While back in Houston for the July month, we had some amazing opportunities to capture some amazing clients! Kirsten happened to be one of my fabulous clients that week and her and I had this session brewing for a while! I was so ready to put our dreams, thoughts and inspiration into action and I am SO thrilled with the way the images turned out! Kirsten is a new blogger in the Houston area, talking about life, fitness and health and MAN I cannot wait for her blog to grow into more! Her dreams, aspirations and encouragement are so inspiring and I am so eager to see where this amazing friend goes. 

While you're at it- give her a sweet follow on Instagram, @barbellator_fitness! 

Barbellator 1
Barbellator 2
Barbellator 3
Barbellator 4
Barbellator 4
Barbellator 6
Barbellator 8
Barbellator 7
Barbellator 13
Barbellator 10
Barbellator 11
Barbellator 12
Barbellator 14
Barbellator 15
Barbellator 16

I mean, come on... how ADORABLE is this gal's bod?!

Thanks K for allowing me to have an absolute blast, for helping start up your dream and for loving me as a friend! Can't wait for the future for you!!!