Hi! I am Mallory Walker, owner of Mallory Walker Creative and Mallory Walker Photography. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture our God-given beauty and create memories that last a lifetime for my clients. 

A little about me, I am a southern Louisiana girl, raised in Texas all my life and we are new to the Northern Virginia area. My husband willingly serves our country, and we obediently answer to where The Lord directs our path. I am so blessed to be anywhere with him, and am enjoying the new paths of motherhood, as our sweet baby Miles just made an entrance! We are living happy as we love life, love our King and love our new family of three. 


All my life, I've known how similar I am to my dad. I've also known he used to be a wedding photographer back in his young days (he says he was a hot commodity!). It wasn't anything new to my parents when I picked up a camera and naturally figured it out. I can speak the language to my biggest companion and we work perfectly together. 

During the summer of 2011, I was given the true test of my heart. While working at my life long Christian camp, Pine Cove, I had the opportunity to be the photographer and videographer of camp for the summer. I distinctly remember the last day of camp, saving my equipment and realizing this is exactly what I was meant to do: to expose The Lord's imminent beauty. I was so ready to capture everything around me, touched or untouched. 


My main heart in photography is exposing The Lord's perfect and detailed beauty in all of us. With that being said, my style aims at being the most natural it can be. Here and there I might alter a pose, ask you to hug (or kiss!) or laugh. Adding a little help only assists me as an artist to capture the most precious moments, in the most gorgeous light. 

Speaking of light, I am primarily a natural light photographer, who specializes (and prefers!) outdoors, big windows, sun shine and greenery. I am also skilled in flash and low light situations, but my heart is definitely all for basking in the natural light of our great King.

I am an artist, so I need inspiration. As a friend, sister and fan, I love to follow my favorite photographers, drool over my favorite Instagram stylists and even online shop. By utilizing my tastes, style and personality, I can gain inspiration through things around me. An artist needs inspiration to be able to work... so, do as the artists do!

Photo by Mustard Seed Photography

Photo by Mustard Seed Photography

Photo by Mustard Seed Photography

Photo by Mustard Seed Photography